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Are you ready for an


pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experience?

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Own Your Pregnancy

Preparing for birth can be confusing.

There is so much information out there, where do you begin?

In Own Your Pregnancy, you will learn how to

prepare for birth and recovery.

Do you want to...

-  Feel healthy and fit during pregnancy

-  Prepare physically for labor and birth

-  Feel confident with your birth plan

-  Quickly recover after birth

Prepare During Pregnancy

-  Core and pelvic floor exercises

-  Pelvic floor strengthening and mobility program

-  Abdominal strengthening

-  Preventing diastasis rectus abdominis

-  Stretching video for building flexibility

-  Building a team to support you

Have an Amazing Birth

-  Guided relaxations to use during birth

-  Breathing techniques to reduce pain and improve your birth

-  Labor positions, how, when and why to use each one

-  Pushing techniques - Learn to Breath Baby Down

-  Partner exercises to support you during labor

-  Visualizations, audio and text, to have a more peaceful birth

Recover Quickly

-  Caring for your pelvic floor after birth

-  Choosing an abdominal support to heal your abs

-  Exercises to heal your core in the first 6 weeks postpartum

Plus Accountability!

- Supportive FB group with other Mamas who want a natural birth

- Live videos every week with Dr. Katy to ask questions

- Build a consistent routine so you can do it all during pregnancy

Dr. Katy Girlinghouse

I am a pelvic health physical therapist who seen numerous women struggle with knowing what to do to prepare their body for birth or how to recover.  


I admit, I struggled with the birth of my first child. Despite reading the books and going to several different birthing classes, the information I got was incohesive and often contradictory, I didn't have access to the best birth team, and I ended up unhappy with that birth experience.

But that all changed with my second birth! After helping women have the birth they wanted, helping them have a healthy and fit body and quick recovery, I was able to use what I was teaching my patients. I prepared my body, mind, and birth team, and had a completely different, wonderful experience with the birth of my second child!

You can have an amazing experience too.

For only $197 you can…


-  Have a healthy, fit pregnancy

-  Feel strong and prepared for labor

-  Have confidence in your birth

-  Reduce your risk of vaginal tearing

-  Learn techniques to manage pain in labor

-  Protect your pelvic floor during birth

-  Heal your pelvic floor and core after birth

It's Not Too Late!

Even if you're in your last trimester and feel like you might deliver any day now, these exercises and activities will help you have the best pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experience possible!

I'm a Mom and understand that your time is precious. That’s why I've made this class so easy to put into practice!

-  Each lesson is broken down into 5-20 minutes videos so that

    you can watch at your convenience

-  You don’t have to watch it all in one sitting

-  You can re-watch anything you missed or want to review

-  Every lesson comes with printouts for easy reference

-  You'll get a built in support team to encourage consistency

-  You'll get a schedule to follow to make completing every b          activity incredibly simple.

Did You Know?

-  Up to 85% of first time moms suffer from perineal trauma during birth

-  31.9% of women have cesarean births in the US (the World Health Organization

    recommends 10-15%)

-  Up to 66% of women have diastasis in their 3rd trimester

-  Over 50% of women still have diastasis 8 weeks postpartum

-  72% of laboring women in the US use an epidural or spinal analgesia, which

    increases the duration of labor by over 2 hours and is associated with greater

    tearing, need for cesarean, and use of instrument assisted delivery

-  Stress during pregnancy is associated with higher rates of preterm birth and

    low birth weight % of women who feel unprepared for labor

Many women feel they didn't prepare for labor in a way that was helpful. 

You will feel prepared!

Own Your Pregnancy

includes all of this for only $197!

  • Core and pelvic floor exercises for a better labor and recovery

  • Three guided meditations designed for your birth

  • 15 minute yoga workout for a healthy pregnancy

  • 10 unique workouts to strengthen muscles most affected during pregnancy

  • Breathing techniques for a better birth with less pain and tearing

  • Labor positions, benefits and when to use each one

  • Pushing techniques

  • Tools to manage pain during labor and birth

  • Caring for your pelvic floor postpartum

  • Choosing an abdominal support postpartum

  • Exercises for the first 6 weeks to recover your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

  • Access to our private Facebook group with Dr. Katy


  • Weekly lives with Dr. Katy to ask questions

  • Pre-designed schedule so that you can start preparing today

I Want My Birth Experience To Be Strong, Confident and Healthy

Own Your Pregnancy

 is only open for a limited time!