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Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga

Prenatal and postpartum yoga class is designed to be a gentle flow great for all mamas to come and connect with each other. If you are just beginning yoga, in your second or third trimester it is a great fit for you. Many modifications are offered during the class depending on what trimester you are in and questions are encouraged to make sure you are feeling the best you can feel! The class is structured to not only be great for staying healthy in your pregnancy but also setting you up for a great recovery!

Classes are held at 8:00am & 9:15am Saturday 


Mom and Baby Yoga

Be prepared to be distracted by all the cuteness. This mama and baby class is designed to get you moving and having fun with your baby. Your newborns are unpredictable so come as you are that day and if you need to just sit and entertain baby, feed or baby naps and you move on your own, this class is perfect for you. The goal is to just get you on your mat, around others and setting you up with movements you can do in class and/or at home.  

Classes are held at 10am on Tuesdays

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Yaara Faraji 

Yaara is a dedicated and passionate yoga instructor with over 7 years of experience. She holds a 500-hour yoga teacher certification and specializes in Prenatal yoga and Tantra yoga.


With her specialization in Prenatal yoga, Yaara provides safe and supportive classes for expectant mothers. In her classes, she aims to promote relaxation and strength, by providing a nurturing space for personal growth and overall well-being.

Online Yoga

Join us on Saturday morning, live for the prenatal/postpartum class


Drop in rate is $15/class

6 classes = $75

12 class pack = $150

Want yoga on your own time?  Now you can get monthly access to all the yoga videos including prenatal and postpartum yoga classes. 

*All Sales Final*

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