Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga with Roseann

Yoga is a safe, but challenging activity for every body. The benefits of yoga include improved flexibility and mobility,  decreased pain, improved strength and stability, increased awareness of breath. Mindfulness practiced in yoga can lead to greater peace and improved mood and mental health throughout the day.


The flow style of yoga allows for deep stretching while moving through various yoga poses. Roseann is a 500-hr certified yoga instructor with experience working with people in pain or who are looking to increase their activity. Due to the small class sites, Roseann is able to modify the class flow and individual poses to better suit your needs each class. 


Classes are held Monday and Wednesday at 6pm. 



Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga with Tory

Prenatal and postpartum yoga class is designed to be a gentle flow great for all mamas to come and connect with each other. If you are just beginning yoga, in your second or third trimester it is a great fit for you. Many modifications are offered during the class depending on what trimester you are in and questions are encouraged to make sure you are feeling the best you can feel! The class is structured to not only be great for staying healthy in your pregnancy but also setting you up for a great recovery!

Classes are held at 7:30am Saturday 


Mama and Baby Yoga with Tory

Be prepared to be distracted by all the cuteness. This mama and baby class is designed to get you moving and having fun with your baby. Your newborns are unpredictable so come as you are that day and if you need to just sit and entertain baby, feed or baby naps and you move on your own, this class is perfect for you. The goal is to just get you on your mat, around others and setting you up with movements you can do in class and/or at home.  

Classes are held 8:45 am Saturday

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Unlimited Yoga Package

Loving yoga classes and want to take more? Our unlimited yoga package includes all the classes you can fit into your schedule for only $50. If you only go to 1 class a week it will save you $10 a month.  If you go to 2 classes a week you'll save $70 a month.

Online Yoga

Unlimited Access to online yoga videos to use at your convenience. Currently we have 2 prenatal focused videos but will be adding to them. You'll get access to each new video as they are added.  When purchasing, book any class time as you won't need to come in person.  You'll get all the access immediately by email.

Not Sure if You're Ready for Yoga?

Roseann and Tory work closely with Drs. Miranda and Katy in order to provide you the safest yoga experience. Worried about specific poses or whether yoga is safe for you? Set up a wellness visit with our PTs for a thorough medical screening and we’ll help you modify poses and return to yoga and other activities safely and pain-free.