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The Fit Pelvis was founded by Katy Girlinghouse, PT, DPT.

We are based in McKinney, TX and provide pelvic health physical therapy services for all.  

What to Expect

"I know that talking to someone about any injury can be difficult and talking about bladder, bowel, and sexual difficulties is even more personal and challenging.  I understand these topics are sensitive and want you to feel comfortable discussing your concerns so that we can help you return to your best." - Katy

The first visit is our time to get to know each other.  Our physical therapists will ask you about your goals for therapy and the specific concerns and difficulties you may be having.  We will discuss bladder, bowel, and sexual health. Because you are a whole person and not just a body part we will also discuss your eating and drinking habits, mental health, and physical activity.


The examination portion of the initial visit will include a full body screen including observing your movements, strength, and mobility testing. A physical therapist will complete further testing for any specific areas that need to be addressed based on her findings and your concerns. A pelvic floor muscle examination may be completed on the first day to assess your pelvic floor strength, coordination and mobility.  

Finally, a physical therapist will explain her findings and discuss her educated clinical reasoning as to what is causing your symptoms and how we can work together for treatment. We will begin treatment on Day One! Treatment consists of a variety of methods including manual/hands on techniques, dry needling, cupping, exercises and problem solving to improve your daily activities.

Still have questions about pelvic physical therapy?  Check out our Pelvic PT blog  or schedule a FREE Discovery Call and chat with our physical therapists and get your questions answered.

Initial Evaluation

During the first visit we will discuss your health history and goals.  A physical therapist will complete a full body evaluation of posture, movement strategies, strength, mobility, and coordination.  We will decide on a treatment plan and begin a home exercise program.

The first visit will last about 60 minutes.

Follow Up Visits

Each visit will consist of reviewing progress, performing individualized interventions, and providing education and coaching to meet your goals. Interventions may include manual therapy, dry needling, cupping, neuromuscular reeducation, therapeutic exercises, surface EMG biofeedback, and more.

Each visit lasts about 60 minutes.

Fee-for-Service Physical Therapy
We have found that insurance often limits the types of treatments or the number of sessions that can be provided. In order to provide the best care to you, The Fit Pelvis chooses to work as a cash-based practice and does not bill insurance for services provided.  We provide a superbill so that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. We do accept cash, card and HSA/FSA cards. We strive to make our services affordable for everyone and do not want you to avoid treatment due to cost. Please contact us if cost is a concern for you.

You have the right to a Good Faith Estimate. Click here for more information on a Good Faith Estimate.  
A Nurturing Space for Healing
At The Fit Pelvis we understand that you need flexibility in your life. In order to help you meet your goals and be more successful with therapy we offer in-office visits in safe environment where babies are welcome to join us and can play during sessions.

Office visits will take place in a private and comfortable room where you can relax and take advantage of all of the equipment and no distractions. Our physical therapists continue to make this room an enjoyable place for therapy so that you can feel relaxed and focused on your healing.

Home visits will take place in the comfort of your home or an agreed upon location such as your office or gym. We will bring a treatment table and any equipment needed to help you have the best treatment possible.
Our Physical Therapists
Dr. Katy Girlinghouse, PT, DPT
Katy is a physical therapist who specializes in treatment of abdominopelvic dysfunction and pain. Katy completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Texas Woman’s University in Dallas. Following completion of her degree she traveled around the country providing physical therapy services in a variety and settings before returning home to Texas. 
Katy enjoys providing one-on-one patient care and individualizes her interventions to each patient. She uses a variety of evidence-based techniques including manual therapy, functional dry needling, biofeedback, and therapeutic exercise. Katy believes in empowering her patients to understand their bodies and meet their goals.
Dr. Miranda Morris, PT, DPT

Miranda is a physical therapist who earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from the University of St. Augustine in Austin. She spent her first few years out of school practicing in an outpatient physical therapy clinic and treated a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries. During this time, she also worked towards specializing in pelvic health physical therapy. Miranda specializes in treating abdominopelvic dysfunctions with a special interest in helping women with aches and pains that arise during pregnancy and postpartum.


Miranda finds fulfillment in being able to help her patients resume an activity that they love. She helps her patients reach their goals by utilizing a variety of manual treatment techniques and functional exercises. She is passionate about the value of individualized one-on-one physical therapy and the impact it can have on someone’s life.


Morgan Basile is a physical therapist who completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Morgan has a passion for treating a wide variety of diagnoses from orthopedic injuries to abdominopelvic dysfunction to those who suffer from chronic headaches and neck pain. Morgan has an interest in treating all those who suffer from these symptoms, especially runners. Morgan finds joy in investing in patients with one-on-one care to return them to their desired level of fitness. She believes in meeting her patients where they are at and employing a combination of manual therapy, functional dry needling, and functional re-training and stabilization treatments in an individualized way to help them meet their goals. 


Outside of the clinic Morgan loves to stay healthy by doing yoga, pilates, running, hiking, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

The Defining Values of The Fit Pelvis


The Fit Pelvis provides ethical, individual, evidence-based physical therapy services with a focus on pelvic health in order to improve the quality of life of women, men and children in McKinney and the surrounding communities.



To provide superior outpatient pelvic PT services to our community.


Core Values

The Fit Pelvis strives to be Exceptional, Affordable, and Empowering.