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Bowel Difficulties

Having a bowel movement three times a day or every other day can be normal but not if you are experiencing:


  • A change in how often you have a bowel movement

  • Pain

  • hemorrhoids  or bleeding

  • Straining or difficulty emptying bowels

  • Feeling of not emptying completely

  • Urgency - needing to rush to the bathroom

  • Excessive wiping - more than three times

  • Smearing - poop smears in your underwear

  • Leaking stool (poop)


These concerns can indicate a problem with coordination, strength or mobility of your core. Our physical therapists will complete a thorough evaluation of your concerns. We’ll discuss the history of your symptoms, observe your posture and movement, assess your abdominal mobility and pelvic floor function. Assessing abdominal mobility gives us an idea of whether scar tissue or muscular restrictions are affecting your intestinal motility.


To assess your pelvic floor your PT will, with your permission, insert one lubricated and gloved finger rectally and ask you to perform a series of muscle contractions. Your ability to squeeze and relax the pelvic floor muscles can greatly affect the ability for the bowels to empty fully and only empty at the right time.

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