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Home Visits

Struggle to get all the kids out of the house for your appointment?  Wish they could take a nap or play while you get the attention and care you need and deserve?


We come to you and make your life easier!


Where we travel

McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Princeton, Melissa, Anna and surrounding areas.  Locations within 10 miles of our office at 101 W. Louisiana Street in McKinney are charged a flat visit rate. Distances beyond 10 miles are charged a small additional fee per mile to your house. 


We bring equipment

Your physical therapist will arrive with a treatment table and any equipment needed for your treatment session. They will listen to your story and ask you questions about your symptoms, daily life and goals. The evaluation will include assessment of your movement, posture, strength and mobility. Then we’ll give you our findings and recommendations for treatment. Together we’ll develop a treatment plan to meet your goals. Treatment usually begins on the first day so you can start feeling better immediately. 


Kids are welcome

Children are part of your life so we make every effort to work around or with them during your sessions. Some kids want to help with lotion, others want to be held and others want to ask all the questions. We are here for it all and will accommodate their needs while ensuring you have a productive and successful appointment.

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