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Mommy & Me Tummy Time Class 
April 5th 11am-12pm 
The Fit Pelvis 

Dr. Amie loves teaching and sharing her expertise and knowledge gained over the years with families, both as a mom, therapist, and sibling of someone with special needs. She is results-oriented and passionate about early intervention and addressing caregiver concerns head on while providing quality services. As an out of the box thinker, she goes above and beyond to ensure her client’s success by utilizing all the tools in her “therapy toolbox”. It is her goal to set every child and family up for gross motor success.


Dr. Amie created Milestones At Play to fill in the gaps between therapy models, to provide quality and individualized physical therapy without limitations, and to help each child be their unique self.

Upcoming Milestones at Play Classes 


Pregnancy, Birth and the Pelvic Floor

Next In Person class is April 17th at 10am

This class is for you if you want to remain healthy and active during your pregnancy. After one hour you will feel confident, hopeful, and prepared to have an amazing pregnancy and birthing experience. 


During this class with Dr. Morgan Basile PT, DPT you'll learn 

- 10 exercises that will keep you healthy and active during pregnancy

- Tips to prevent diastasis and exercises for a strong core 

- How to perform perineal desensitization safely and effectively to prevent tearing during birth 

- Hip mobility and strengthening exercises to prevent or reduce pubic symphysis dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain, and low back pain 

- Relaxing and lengthening pelvic floor during childbirth to reduce tearing, pushing time and pain 



- Tips to resolve urinary leakage

- Exercise routine for a healthy pelvic floor  


Sign up below if you want to continue to be your best self throughout your pregnancy journey! 

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