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Penile/Scrotal/Prostate Concerns

Yes, we treat men and people with a penis! Even though there are the obvious differences in genital anatomy, the pelvic floor muscles are remarkably similar. For everyone, we will assess whole body movements, mobility, strength and coordination. We will assess the pelvic floor rectally, if you consent, and we’ll talk through our recommendation for treatment. In addition to bladder and bowel concerns we will also work with you to resolve the following:


  • Pain in the groin, rectum, scrotum, penis, abdomen, or other location

  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection

  • Prostatectomy recovery 

  • Prostatitis


Your care will be personalized to your needs and goals.


Currently, Dr. Katy Girlinghouse PT, DPT works with all male clients seeking physical therapy to address pelvic health concerns.

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