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How to de-clutter your mind

How to manage stress in a busy-paced world

Everyone has heard the benefits of managing stress levels. However, putting it into practice is not that simple. If you thrive on stress or get caught up in the busy-pace of life then it is a way of life for you and you do not know how to operate any other way. Change is a must if you want to stay healthy and keep your priorities in order. Start making realistic small changes and write them in on your calendar or wherever you keep track of your daily tasks.

Keeping life simplified is one tool

Sometimes we feel pressured to keep up with the pace of the rest of the world. Social media can feed into these thought processes too. Try to keep life simple. Keep what is important and drop the rest. Make sure your day not only consists of a list of all the important chores for the day, but also downtime, and scheduled quality time with the ones you love.

Taking time to rest

What is rest? Some people feel it is sleep, while others just need to be still and do nothing. Both are great. Both give your body and mind an opportunity to refuel for the rest of your day. If coffee, a good book, a bath, or wearing PJs helps you get into the right mindset for rest, then do it. Give back to yourself; you will thank yourself one day.


The health benefits of exercise are well known. It is great for heart health, stress-management, and mental health as a whole. Find what kind of exercise you love and get started. If walking outdoors, running outdoors, or mall walking are your preference, find at least two to three days a week you can commit to it. If you prefer yoga, pilates, dancing, lifting weights, or high intensity workouts then do that instead. There is no one way to exercise. In my opinion, the buddy system helps to stay committed. Invite a friend to join you and coordinate your schedules to make it work. Be realistic if you are just starting out; don’t commit to 7 days of intense aerobic exercise right from the beginning. Instead start with 2-3 days for 30 minutes and work up from there.

Relaxation activities

Many people find deep breathing exercises, yoga, imagery, meditation, prayer, coloring, writing in a journal, massage, or sitting outside relaxing. These are just a few suggestions; there are so many more.

Eating right

Choosing the right foods is key. Choose foods which are low inflammatory and high antioxidants. If you have food intolerances try to limit those so you don’t end up feeling miserable. Eat more of the stuff that benefits your body and less of the ones that make you feel more fatigued or bloated. You are worth it!

Addressing mental health

Mental health is key. We don’t spend enough time investing in ourselves this way. If you are dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental illness challenges and need help from a professional, don't put it off any longer. Seek out a counselor, psychologist, wellness expert, or church which can provide you with the resources and tools needed to live life to the fullest.

Asking for help is a sign of courage.

Laugh more

Laughter is healing! Watch funny movies, go to a comedy show, or get together with a group of friends and have a good time. Your soul craves it!!

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