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Keeping Gas Under Control

Gas can be frustrating, smelly and embarrassing. Everyone produces gas but it becomes a problem when you can’t control it in social situations. There are often many factors that affect the amount of gas produced in your intestines.

Here are some ways you can reduce gas to stop those embarrassing situations:

  • Avoid or Reduce:

    • Spicy foods (produce more gas because they speed up how fast food moves through the digestive tract).

    • Fatty and fried foods (increase gas in some people).

  • Eat slower and don’t talk while you're chewing. This can help reduce swallowing extra air which has to move through the intestines.

  • Eat on a consistent schedule. The digestive system likes routine and consistency.

  • Enjoy high fiber foods - these may initially increase gas production until your body adjusts but this will decrease and promote better function of the intestines.

These simple changes can help you quickly reduce gas and avoid embarrassing moments without a complete overhaul of your meals.

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